In 2006, Barbara dreamed of starting up a tea-room. Soon afterwards, people asked if Het Wethuys was also a B&B. Even so, in the weekend of St. Valentin 2007, 3 B&B-rooms were fully booked. Het Wethuys changed then every year : a porch was added, the kitchen was sized up, installation of a first and the second walk-in fridge, adaptation to 4 B&B-rooms, purchase of Boltra Cafe St. Georges (Watouplein 3), obtaining of the hotel** business licence, obtaining of the business licence ‘Vakantielogies’. Also in 2016, kitchen is modernised and the area behind the bar is enlarged. And still, the owners/operators are making plans to make visits to Het Wethuys more pleasant and satisfactory.


Het Wethuys is a family business wanting to let their clients and hosts feel at home. Every sensitive soul feels the warmth of the house.

Barbara, Serge, Nadine, Gilles en Katia and Het Wethuys-team!